Insert your favorite Elvis Presley song lyric here. (Sample: "All shook up!") Variety reports that Eric Bana will play The King in the new indie film 'Elvis & Nixon,' about the 1970 meeting between Presley and President Richard Nixon. Danny Huston is in talks to play the president for writer/director Cary Elwes, who's making his behind-the-camera debut. The Elvis/Nixon summit -- and its famed photographic proof -- remains a cultural oddity to this day; the Nixon Presidential Library and Museum still gets more requests for the pic than any other Nixon still. The pair met in 1970 at the behest of Presley, who wanted to offer his services to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. This will be the second project to directly tackle the meeting: a 1997 film called 'Elvis Meets Nixon' detailed the same story. [Variety]
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