Johnny Depp isn't playing Hunter S. Thompson in the adaptation of the gonzo journalist and author's novel 'The Rum Diary,' but his Paul Kemp certainly displays a few classic Thompson traits. Like an intimate relationship with alcohol. As this new clip from 'The Rum Diary' shows, Kemp's boozy ways might be a problem at the newspaper he goes to write for in Puerto Rico. (That's Oscar nominee Richard Jenkins, wearing the best wig this side of a Farrelly Brothers movie, as Kemp's editor.) On the plus side, Depp-as-Kemp's flippant answer -- "I suppose at the upper-end of 'social'" -- is one you can use on your boss! (Probably not if you want to keep your job, but, hey...)
The Rum Diary
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In Puerto Rico a journalist (Johnny Depp) becomes obsessed with a shady businessman's fiancee. Read More

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