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is a well-known fan and former BFF of the late Hunter S. Thompson, but it turns out that Amber Heard -- Depp's beautiful co-star in 'The Rum Diary' -- is also a lifelong admirer of the eccentric, gonzo writer. As such, she couldn't believe her luck in being cast as love interest to both Depp and Aaron Eckhart in the new film. "Who am I?" she told Moviefone of her incredible casting. Well, she was the hot zombie chick in 'Zombieland,' a bunny on the short-lived series 'Playboy Club' and helped saved the world with Nicolas Cage in 'Drive Angry.'
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The Rum Diary
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As the Eisenhower era draws to a close, journalist Paul Kemp (Johnny Depp) decides he's had enough of... Read More

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