'Harry Potter' DVDs and Blu-rays are about to get struck with an Evanesco spell. Warner Bros. announced on Monday night that it will stop shipping copies of the eight 'Potter' films to stores as of Dec. 29. That means if you don't get 'Harry Potter' DVDs during the holiday season, you likely won't be able to purchase the films again until Warner Bros. does a special re-release in the future. (Thankfully, this moratorium doesn't affect the digital platforms.) If this sounds familiar, it's because Disney has used a similar plan in the past for its archive titles. The 'Harry Potter' DVDs have grossed more than $5 billion worldwide for Warner Bros. Home Entertainment.
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II
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As his showdown with Lord Voldemort nears, Harry may have to make the ultimate sacrifice. Read More

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