This past weekend I was at a wedding in Los Angeles. Upon arrival to the ceremony, I ran into the groom's father, Ken. I had not seen Ken in almost ten years. I excitedly approached my friend's father, "Hey, Ken, it's been a long time!" Ken stared me down for what seemed like an unusually long time when you consider the joyous setting. He finally spoke. "I swear to God, I almost killed you once." Wait, what? Why would Ken have ever wanted to kill me? "Remember when you and Dennis just took off out of nowhere and drove to Canada? Where did you guys end up?" After I answered "Winnipeg," Ken continued: "All because of that damned movie." He then asked, "What was that horseshit movie that you two saw that night?" Bowing my head, I meekly responded, "'Dumb & Dumber'... it was 'Dumb & Dumber.'"
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