The long and arduous development process of 'Pride and Prejudice and Zombies' keeps getting longer and more arduous. Unable to find a leading actress after reported offers to Natalie Portman, Emma Stone, Rooney Mara and Blake Lively, all of whom turned the film down, 'Zombies' has lost its third director. Craig Gillespie ('Fright Night') is the latest helmer to hit the door, following David O. Russell and Mike White. The split was apparently "amicable," though, according to Deadline, there were disagreements between Gillespie and Lionsgate over who to cast. Based on the book by Seth Grahame-Smith, 'Pride and Prejudice and Zombies' reimagines Jane Austen's classic... with zombies. The studio will look for another director, preferably one that comes with a leading lady. [Deadline]
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