"Arriving half-drunk in a foreign place is hard on the nerves. You have a feeling that something is wrong, that you can't get a grip."
-- Hunter S. Thompson, 'The Rum Diary'

Johnny Depp and Hunter S. Thompson are sitting in a tiki hut on Depp's property in Los Angeles; a fire is burning in the pit and a bottle of Jack Daniels rests on the table. It's 1999. The movie star and the good doctor have gathered to solicit potential financiers for an adaptation of Thompson's recently published book, 'The Rum Diary.' Holly Sorensen, head of the now defunct studio The Shooting Gallery, approaches. Pleasantries are exchanged and Depp begins reading an excerpt from the novel.
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The Rum Diary
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As the Eisenhower era draws to a close, journalist Paul Kemp (Johnny Depp) decides he's had enough of... Read More

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