Mickey Rourke was in Los Angeles over the weekend doing press for 'Immortals' (check for Moviefone's sit-down with Rourke closer to release), and when the subject of onscreen villains arose, the Oscar nominee had some pretty strong opinions about his heavy from 'Iron Man 2.' "I try to find the moments where [the villain is] not that cliched, evil bad guy and it's a big fight," he told Coming Soon. "I had it on 'Iron Man' and they won. It was going to work for Marvel and them breaking [Jon] Favreau's balls and wanting just a one-dimensional villain. The performance and all the things that I tried to bring to it end up on the f-cking floor. That can cause you not to care as much. To not to want to put that effort in to try and make it an intelligent bad guy or a bad guy who is justified in what his reasons are." [Coming Soon]
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