What always fascinated me about 'The Fall Guy' was that Colt Seavers wasn't content just being a stuntman, which, to a seven-year-old television watcher, seemed like a very cool job. No, Colt also moonlighted as a bounty hunter for extra cash. In 1981, when 'The Fall Guy' premiered, riding the wave of Boba Fett fever, bounty hunting was also a very badass profession. And Colt did both! And that's cool! (Believe it or not, 'The Fall Guy' was a very cool show -- it didn't hurt the star Lee Majors had recently been married to Farrah Fawcett and sang his own terrible but indisputably catchy theme song. Or, also, that the lead character's name was "Colt.") Now, according to Deadline, Martin Campbell -- who saved the James Bond franchise and killed the Green Lantern franchise -- is in "early discussions" to helm a big-screen Colt Seavers adventure. As an aficionado of 'The Fall Guy,' (trust me, I don't get the chance to brag about that tidbit very often) here are my humble, but quite serious suggestions for the cast of Campbell's movie adaptation of 'The Fall Guy.'
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