You don't normally see character actors like Dennis Farina get the chance to lead a film, but that's what makes 'The Last Rites of Joe May' so special. The gritty indie (out now in New York as well as on demand) debuted at the Tribeca Film Festival in the spring, and features famed 'that guy!' Farina ('Midnight Run,' 'Get Shorty') as the titular Joe, a small-time hood who has aged out of being a small-time hood. Following a lengthy hospital stay, Joe is released back onto the streets of Chicago without two nickels to rub together. Not that finances stop him from trying to affect his old life -- embodied by a brown leather jacket that he won't sell under any circumstances. He winds up boarding with a single mother (Jamie Anne Allman) and her daughter (Meredith Droeger), and, in them, finds the seeds for his final chance at redemption.
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The Last Rites of Joe May
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An aging two-bit hustler (Dennis Farina) befriends a single mother (Jamie Anne Allman) and her young... Read More

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