2011 has had no shortage of It-Girls (come on down, Elizabeth Olsen and Felicity Jones), but none can compare to Jessica Chastain. The possible Oscar nominee has featured in five films already this year ('The Tree of Life,' 'The Debt,' 'The Help,' 'Take Shelter' and 'Texas Killing Fields') and still has 'Coriolanus' coming in December. Busy! Chastain is poised to capitalize that fame in the way that young actresses do: by co-starring in a giant tentpole with Tom Cruise ('Horizons'), leading a horror film produced by Guillermo Del Toro ('Mama') and, perhaps, being cast in a major biopic. Chastain is attached to star as Princess Diana in 'Caught in Flight,' a sure-to-be controversial film about Diana's long-time relationship with Dr. Hasnat Kahn, "the love of her life." German director Oliver Hirschbiegel ('Downfall,' 'The Invasion') will direct, with the film already looking at shooting locations. Considering even Anne Thompson, who broke this news from the American Film Market, adds the caveat that many films pitched during the buying frenzy in California never happen, write this one down in pencil just to be safe. [indieWIRE/Thompson on Hollywood]
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