Director Tarsem Singh is known for his bold, painterly visuals in films like 'The Cell,' 'The Fall' and portions of his new film, 'Immortals,' are indeed gorgeous. As he told Moviefone in discussing his Snow White project (now called 'Mirror, Mirror'), "My stuff tends to be polarizing. When it's for children, it's like, sickeningly kiddie, and when it's the other way, it's sickeningly graphic." 'Immortals' definitely falls into the second category. How violent is it? The sword-and-slice epics '300' and 'Gladiator' definitely pale in comparison, especially since these flying body parts are in 3D. Moviefone sat down with Tarsem for a somewhat contentious interview in which he shared his contempt for '300' and 'Clash of the Titans,' and his belief that movie violence needs to show "the entrails on the ground."
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A stonemason (Henry Cavill) revolts against a bloodthirsty king who seeks dominion over the gods. Read More

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