In Immortals, Luke Evans plays Zeus, an "upgrade," he tells us, from his minor role as the Greek god's son Apollo in 'Clash of the Titans.' As a younger, hotter (and scantily clad) Zeus, Evans might not have a great line like Liam Neeson's "Release the kraken!" but he does get to literally crack the whip in Mount Olympus. 'Immortals' co-star Mickey Rourke sings his praises, saying, "A very great actor. He's going to have a monster career." (Rourke potentially wants to cast him in his movie about Welsh rugby player Gareth Thomas, but Evans, who'll next be seen in 'The Raven' opposite John Cusack, currently has his dance card full making 'The Hobbit' in New Zealand.)
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A stonemason (Henry Cavill) revolts against a bloodthirsty king who seeks dominion over the gods. Read More

The Raven
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Edgar Allan Poe and a detective hunt a serial killer who is basing his crimes on Poe's works. Read More

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