'Immortals' definitely delivers the fiercely pitched battle scenes you expect from an action epic, but if you think the carnage is on par with '300' or 'Gladiator,' think again. Director Tarsem Singh cheerfully explained his stance on screen violence to Moviefone and admitted his goal is to make audiences uncomfortable. Remember the scene in 'The Cell' where Vincent D'Onofrio unspools a victim's intestines? Expect a lot more of that kind of literally stomach-churning ickiness in 'Immortals,' which pushes the R-rating so hard, we have ask: Is it time for a new "hard R" label? Spoilers ahead as we discuss the more gruesome scenes in 'Immortals.'
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Power-hungry King Hyperion (Mickey Rourke) and his ruthless army march across Greece, leaving burned-out... Read More

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