"That's why I got into directing, so I can just protect what I wrote." Those are the words of Academy Award-winning screenwriter and an Academy Award-nominated director Alexander Payne, after recounting his story of what it's like to work with Adam Sandler. Payne wrote a screenplay that looks nothing like the finished, and quite terribly received, 'I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry' (as he puts it, his script was "Sandlerized"), a movie that Payne now, retroactively, regrets not directing himself. Which would have been an interesting choice, considering that Payne hasn't directed a film since 2004's Oscar darling, 'Sideways.' That is, until now: With his new film, 'The Descendants,' Payne is right back in the heat of the Oscar discussion. (Also, for the record, Adam Sandler has nothing to do with 'The Descendants.')
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The Descendants
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