When Moviefone spoke with Shailene Woodley about her role in "The Descendants', she commented on the number of time she's been asked the question, "What was it like to work with George Clooney?" When Jason Reitman was promoting 'Up in the Air,' he created a pie chart that documented the number of times that he was asked each question. Number one? "What was it like to work with George Clooney?" Hey: People love George Clooney! Though, I was curious, what is it like to work with George Clooney? After a quick Google search for "working with George Clooney," here's your answer: apparently it's quite great! (I mean, seriously: great. People, you're just going to have to face facts: George Clooney is pretty great.)
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The Descendants
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Native islander Matt King (George Clooney) lives with his family in Hawaii. Their world shatters when... Read More

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