Hollywood is fickle. One day, you're a movie star; the next, you're -- well, still a movie star, just not a respected one. Take Harrison Ford. He was Han Solo and Indiana Jones! But, Ford's 'Star Wars' and Indy days are far behind him -- which is why he's No. 23 on GQ's list of the 25 Least Influential People Alive. The reason? "Here's a man who has spent years going to great lengths to let you know just what an inconvenience it is for Harrison Ford to be in the movie you're watching. 'Cowboys & Aliens' would have been a bad movie regardless, but Ford made matters worse by sleepwalking through his scenes and treating the publicity for the movie like someone was asking him to build a Malaysian prison." Luckily for Harrison, he isn't the only actor to make this unfortunate countdown.
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