After a six-year break from feature filmmaking, director Cameron Crowe returns to the multiplex in a big way this December with 'We Bought a Zoo.' The film -- which had a successful sneak preview over Thanksgiving weekend -- stars Matt Damon as a widower who decides the best way to get his young family over the traumatic experience of losing the woman they love is to buy a rundown zoo in the California countryside. Heartwarming and sweet (without being maudlin), 'We Bought a Zoo' is poised to be one of the family films of choice this holiday season.

In this exclusive first clip, zookeeper Kelly Foster (Scarlett Johansson) questions Damon's character, Benjamin Mee, about his motives for purchasing the zoo -- a scene which underscores the film's message of adventure with two simple words: Why not?
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We Bought a Zoo
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Following his wife's untimely death, Los Angeles journalist Benjamin Mee (Matt Damon) decides to make... Read More

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