It's a dangerous thing to predict the Oscar winner for Best Picture in early December. Dangerous, I tell you! OK, that's a strong word, though -- with just under three months remaining until the ceremony -- such a declaration could be perceived as a reckless. So I won't do that. But! There is a trend brewing that looks mighty similar to 2009, a year that saw a sprawling epic and a low budget indie movie clash head-to-head -- well, that is, once the pesky George Clooney movie that was an early favorite faded into oblivion. In other words: Hey, this is going to be fun!
War Horse
Based on 40 critics

A remarkable horse experiences life and death on the battlefields of World War I. Read More

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December 6, 2016
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The Descendants
Based on 43 critics

A man (George Clooney) faces some tough decisions in the wake of his wife's tragic boating accident. Read More

The Artist
Based on 41 critics

The use of sound in cinema affects two silent-film stars in different ways. Read More

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