Chewbacca is going to be on the holiday episode of 'Glee.' Sadly, it does not appear that he will be participating in any Life Day events (if you have any idea what Life Day refers to, I'm sorry), but he will be appearing in some sort of Christmas dream sequence. "Oh, heavens, Chewbacca appearing on 'Glee' is a travesty to the sanctity of 'Star Wars,'" you would have probably said before you ever watched 'The Phantom Menace.' Now, you just shrug. I just shrugged. Han Solo just shrugged. We are all, collectively, shrugging. But! It doesn't happen often, but this isn't the first time a 'Star Wars' character, played by the original actor, has appeared in something that isn't Star Wars. Behold, (not counting commercials) a brief history of 'Star Wars' characters appearing in something that's not 'Star Wars.'
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