It's a longstanding Hollywood myth that the coming of sound pictures in 1927 ruined the careers of most silent stars and forced the studios to find a new generation of Broadway-trained stars with full-throated speaking and singing voices. That myth finds its latest retelling in 'The Artist,' the new homage to the lost art form that is itself a silent movie, recounting the tale of a speechless star, George Valentin (Jean Dujardin), who stumbles when Hollywood shifts to talkies, even as his young protégé (Berenice Bejo) prospers. While it's certainly true that some of the silent era's greatest stars, from Buster Keaton to John Gilbert, failed to find similar success in talkies, there were still plenty of silent stars who did just as well or even better in sound films. Ahead, a look at some legends who made the transition smoothly, and whose silent successes and talkie triumphs deserve to be remembered on the same page.
The Artist
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The use of sound in cinema affects two silent-film stars in different ways. Read More

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