Sarah Jessica Parker. Ashton Kutcher. Halle Berry. Hilary Swank. Zac Efron. Robert De Niro. Jessica Biel. Katherine Heigl. Jon Bon Jovi. Sofia Vergara. Michelle Pfeiffer. What do all of these celebs have in common? They're all jammed into 'New Year's Eve,' the latest movie to stuff as many stars as humanly possible onto the screen.

This isn't the first time Hollywood has corralled a hefty helping of stars into one flick. It's a pretty safe strategy when it comes to luring people to the theaters; after all, there are plenty of folks out there to go to the movies to see, well, stars. And 'New Year's Eve' seems to have someone for everyone: Heigl and Bon Jovi for the rom-com fans, SJP for the moms, Lea Michele for the Gleeks and Efron for the teenage girls.
New Year's Eve
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