By Jenna Busch

"You sank my Battleship!" We all remember the game, but when the idea to base a film on it was bandied about, people seemed a bit concerned. How do you take a game that was nothing more than plastic with pegs and turn it into a film -- and should you even try? According to 'Battleship' director Peter Berg, definitely. "There's been so much inherent skepticism about how you can make a film about plastic pegs and grids," he told Moviefone during a visit to the 'Battleship' edit bay earlier this year. "To me that was never an issue. It was all about naval warfare and about the modern navy and I've had the privilege of knowing the modern navy, being on the ships that you guys got to see and going out to sea and watching them operate and seeing what their weapons systems are, seeing how smart the men and women are that fight. I always knew there could be a film there, but now the reality of actually executing that is an awesome task."
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