Back in April, the UK film site LoveFilm polled 1500 people and found that nearly four out of every five lie about having seen a classic film in an effort to "impress people." The most notoriously fibbed-about films? 'Casablanca,' '2001: A Space Odyssey,' 'Taxi Driver,' 'Reservoir Dogs' and -- topping the list with nearly 30 percent of respondents saying they have never seen it -- 'The Godfather.' (Who are you people? See 'The Godfather' already!) What Edgar Wright is currently planning in conjunction with the New Beverly Cinema in Los Angeles has nothing to do with LoveFilm's poll of philistines, but it's part of the same cloth. Wright is screening a series of classic films he's never seen, and he wants fans to let him know some of their more surprising cinematic black holes.
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