Released on Nov. 14, 2003, it hasn't taken 'Love Actually' very long at all to become a staple of Christmastime movie-watching. "I'm so happy at this funny idea that it has become a sort of Christmas holiday movie," writer/director Richard Curtis told Moviefone during a recent interview for the new movie, 'War Horse.' "I was looking back at my old notes on the film, and it was only after I had thought of all the stories ... I literally found a note saying, 'What about if I set the movie at Christmas?'" And with that simple twist of fate, a holiday classic was born. Not that 'Love Actually' isn't a completely flawed and hilariously populist movie. It is! But that's part of its tremendous charm. Just ask 'Love Actually' hater-lover Bobby Finger over at TheHairpin.
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Love Actually
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