Back when 'Taps' debuted 30 years ago (on December 9, 1981), the venerable George C. Scott got top billing, even though he appears in very little of the film; the actual star of this drama of a group of cadets staging a siege to prevent their military academy from closing down was newly-minted young Oscar-winner Timothy Hutton. In those days, Hutton was expected to go on to a stellar career as a leading man, while few paid much attention to his young co-stars, unknowns like Sean Penn and Tom Cruise. Could anyone have envisioned then how these actors' careers would develop over the next three decades? 'Taps' turned out to be a pivotal movie for many young stars-to-be. Here's a look at what became of several Hollywood heroes who earned their stripes in 'Taps.'
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In Theaters on 1981

Bunker Hill Military Academy has been targeted by real estate developers for demolition. The students,... Read More