One of the more head-scratching moments of the Golden Globe nominations on Thursday morning that didn't include Sofia Vergara butchering Martin Scorsese's name? The fact that ''My Week With Marilyn'' -- an ostensible drama about Marilyn Monroe's clandestine maybe-affair with a third assistant director on the set of ''The Prince and the Showgirl'' -- was nominated in the Best Motion Picture Musical or Comedy category. How could this happen? Ahead, eight reasons why you could consider 'Marilyn' a musical or comedy should you be so inclined to do so.

1. Michelle Williams sings -- twice! You couldn't really call ''My Week With Marilyn'' a musical with a straight face -- even 'The Muppets,' with its unending supply of songs doesn't actually seem to really qualify as a musical -- but Michelle Williams does sing two songs in the film, including ''Heat Wave'' during the opening credits. That counts!?

2. Kenneth Branagh is really funny! Not to say that Kenneth Branagh is comic relief in ''My Week With Marilyn,'' but he kinda is? As a foul-mouthed and exasperated Sir Laurence Olivier, Sir Kenny (we're tight) lands many a punchline. There are laughs in this film -- which certainly allows it to be placed alongside ''The Artist'' and ''50/50'' on the Best Feature Musical or Comedy list.

3. Michelle Williams smiles a lot! True story: despite playing the bummed out Marilyn Monroe for much of the film, Williams gets to flash her movie-star smile on more than one occasion; this is like the anti-''Blue Valentine''!

4. Eddie Redmayne smiles even more! As Colin Clark, rising star Eddie Redmayne affects a look of constant bemused glee on his expressive face. You would too if you were acting opposite a skinny-dipping Michelle Williams-as-Marilyn Monroe.

5. Toby Jones and Dominic Cooper have hilarious accents! What is going on with these two? As Monroe's American publicist and producer/ex-lover, respectively, Jones and Cooper sound like teamsters circa 1952. They coulda been contenders, ya galoot!

6. The Katy Perry ''My Week With Marilyn'' video It's not in the movie, but that weird mash-up of ''Marilyn'' and ''The One That Got Away'' is both musical and comedy. Unintentional, perhaps, but still: funny!

7. ''The Prince and the Showgirl'' The film within the film in ''My Week With Marilyn,'' the much-discussed ''The Prince and the Showgirl,'' was a comedy. By extension, doesn't that mean ''My Week With Marilyn'' is a comedy? (Not really, but for the purposes of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, absolutely!)

8. Because Harvey Weinstein probably wanted ''My Week With Marilyn'' to be a musical/comedy Whatever happens at the Oscars between Williams, Meryl Streep and Viola Davis, one thing is clear: on Jan. 15, it's likely that both Streep (for her work in ''The Iron Lady'') and Williams will take home Golden Globes for The Weinstein Company. Who is gonna beat Williams in her Best Actress category? Certainly not Kate Winslet or Jodie Foster or Kristen Wiig or Charlize Theron, the bona fides of their performances aside. It's a two-for-one Weinstein night! If only the Academy Awards worked this way too.
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