Don't let the snarl in the above photo from the movie 'Hugo' confuse you: Sir Ben Kingsley is nothing like that in real life -- or, at least nothing like that during a 15-minute interview. When Moviefone spoke to the Oscar-winning actor this past week, Kingsley was humble, forthright and excited to discuss his new movie, as well as the joy he got from working with Martin Scorsese. Of course, this being Sir Ben, there's always going to be something interesting to talk about: recent projects of his, critically acclaimed roles he's had, even movies he hasn't been in. From his work on 'Hugo' and 'Gandhi,' to his love of 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind,' to his cameo on 'The Sopranos,' Kingsley gave Moviefone a little taste of what goes on inside the head of an acting legend.
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