Sean Combs -- better known as either P. Diddy, Diddy, Puff Daddy or Puffy -- has been in love with Rat Pack-style culture for nearly a decade. "I was watching 'Ocean's 11' and I just couldn't relate to it," Diddy told the New York Daily News back in 2005 about the George Clooney-fronted remake. "You have all these black icons, Chris Rock or Chris Tucker in comedy, Denzel Washington and Jamie Foxx in acting, me and Jay-Z in music, what about us? It's about time to put the greatest black icons in a film together. We're not running around in 'do-rags and low riders anymore." Six years later, Diddy finally has his own 'Ocean's 11' -- though it's just a 30 second vodka commercial, seems partially inspired by 'The Hangover' and doesn't include any of those big names mentioned by the rapper/actor previously.
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