It's OK to like 'The Artist.' Really. Chances are, you haven't even seen 'The Artist' yet, but the general consensus from the Oscar cognoscenti (recently promoted from Colonel Consensus) has turned sour on the film. At first, General Consensus hailed 'The Artist' as the bees' knees. "Hooray, 'The Artist,' you're so different. We like you!" But, alas, General Consensus is a finicky fellow. Because, as of late -- even though it's still the favorite to take home an Oscar for Best Picture -- admitting that you like 'The Artist' will get you about the same reaction as admitting that you think the Gin Blossoms' 'New Miserable Experience' is one of the best albums of the early '90s. Yes, 'The Artist' has a lot more in common with the Gin Blossoms than you might think.
The Artist
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The use of sound in cinema affects two silent-film stars in different ways. Read More