You may not know Olivia Thirlby by name, but odds are you recognize the 25-year-old actress, who's starred in everything from 'Juno' to 'No Strings Attached' to 'United 93.' Judging from her upcoming slate of films, name recognition could soon follow as well. In addition to appearing alongside Paul Dano and Robert De Niro in next year's 'Being Flynn,' Thirlby is set to play Judge Anderson in the buzzed-about sci-flick, 'Dredd.' The film, based on the comic book series, was originally adapted into the famously awful 1995 movie 'Judge Dredd' with Sylvester Stallone (not that it matters -- Thirlby hasn't even watched that one); fans of the comic have been clamoring for another version ever since. Moviefone recently spoke with Thirlby about stepping into the role of Anderson, whether she was a sci-fi geek growing up and what it's like fighting aliens, which she does in her upcoming film, 'The Darkest Hour,' in theaters Christmas Day.
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