This holiday season offers a rare double feature of Steven Spielberg films: the swashbuckling big-screen adaptation of 'The Adventures of Tintin' and the intensely poignant drama 'War Horse.' But neither movie may be appropriate for your whole family -- both movies are for older tweens and up, or in the case of 'War Horse' perhaps even teens. Of course, that doesn't mean kids aren't ready to see the master director's work. Moviefone is here to help you decide when -- and how -- to introduce the youngins to the inimitably impressive filmography of the man responsible for such classics as 'E.T.,' 'Jaws,' and 'Indiana Jones.' Here are 11 Spielberg flicks and when to see them.
The Adventures of Tintin Movie Poster
The Adventures of Tintin
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While shopping at an outdoor market, young reporter Tintin (Jamie Bell), accompanied by his faithful... Read More

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War Horse
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Albert (Jeremy Irvine) and his beloved horse, Joey, live on a farm in the British countryside. At the... Read More