Insert the hackiest sentence combining Taylor Swift, 'Hunger Games' fans and odds being in your favor here. Taylor Swift -- the audio equivalent of drawing unicorns in a notebook, in the best way possible -- has a song on soundtrack for 'The Hunger Games,' and it's available now via iTunes (though the official release date says Dec. 26). Called 'Safe and Sound,' the mournful track isn't your typical Tay-tay fare -- at least in comparison to some of the rollicking singles and deeper cuts off 'Speak Now.' (What?) Considering the somber tone of 'The Hunger Games,' this isn't surprising, but if you feel like mashing-up 'Long Live' (a.k.a. DRAGONS!) with footage from 'The Hunger Games' trailer, no one is gonna stop you. Listen to 'Safe and Sound' (featuring Civil Wars) ahead.
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