In the wake of all the Oscars turmoil last month, everyone breathed a sigh of relief when Billy Crystal announced that he would return to host the 84th Academy Awards for the ninth time in February. But there were some who felt a bit cheated.

After Eddie Murphy left his position as Oscar host -- following producer Brett Ratner's unseemly departure -- there was a groundswell of social media support to have none other than Kermit, Miss Piggy and the rest of the Muppets host the telecast. (The Muppets even released their own Melissa Leo-like "CONSIDER!" For Your Consideration ads.) That didn't happen, but what would a Muppet-hosted Oscars have looked like? Allow Kermit the Frog to explain.

The Insider asked Kermit to share what their opening number would have been if their hosting dream had come true.

"If we were hosting, Miss Piggy wanted to open with her three-hour medley of every movie song ever written. That may be why they asked Billy Crystal to come back. We love Billy and know he's going to be hilarious ... as always." It's OK, Kermit; you can be green with envy (went there) just this once.

'The Muppets,' which hit theaters on Nov. 23, has grossed over $57 million thus far. The Academy Awards telecast airs on Feb. 26.

[via The Insider]
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