Credit Katherine Heigl for trying something a bit out of her wheelhouse? In 'One for the Money,' the controversial leading lady -- last seen onscreen as part of the ensemble in 'New Year's Eve' -- takes on the role of Stephanie Plum, the famed Regular Jane-turned-bounty hunter at the heart of Janet Evanovich's best-selling series of books. Translation: this isn't a romcom! In fact, Heigl isn't even blonde; she is packing heat and wearing a leather jacket, however, in what looks like a distaff take on Robert De Niro's bounty hunter role in the now-classic 'Midnight Run' (minus all the ex-cop stuff; that goes to Jason O'Mara as her charge/ex).
One for the Money
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A rookie bounty hunter (Katherine Heigl) goes after her former high-school flame (Jason O'Mara). Read More

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