On Jan. 7, 1964, Nicolas Kim Coppola was born in Long Beach, Calif. to August Coppola and Joy Vogelsang. To avoid the appearance of nepotism (that Coppola surname is those Coppolas; Nicolas is Francis Ford's nephew), the youngster changed his last name to Cage a short while after he began acting. 48 years later, Cage has won an Oscar, starred in enough terrible movies to last two careers ('Season of the Witch,' Ghost Rider' and more), and is famous enough to have a running parody of himself on 'Saturday Night Live.' Not bad, Nic! But what's his best bad movie?

Good question! Cage is a schlockmeister extraordinaire, but picking the best of his worst is a difficult task. First, what counts as good bad? Does 'The Rock'? (It doesn't, blasphemers; it's just good.) Does 'Con Air'? (It probably doesn't either?) Does 'Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans' qualify? Or 'Trespass'? Perhaps 'The Wicker Man'?

OK, well that last one definitely isn't the answer. 'The Wicker Man' is bad bad. Comically bad. To refresh your memory about its badness, watch the hilarious clip below, then weigh-in: what's the best bad Nicolas Cage movie? Winner gets in the Cage?

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