From the files of "fool me once": in an interview with TheWrap, "The Devil Inside" producer Steven Schneider said that discussions will happen regarding whether to take the micro-budget horror film into franchise territory -- despite the fact that it was roundly hated. Made for just $1 million (with millions more spent on marketing, natch), "The Devil Inside" stormed the box office this past weekend, earning an industry shocking $34.5 million and leaving millions of people upset in its wake.

The film, a found-footage exorcism thriller that "was not endorsed by the Vatican," scored an amazing F-grade on Cinemascore, the lowest score in recent memory. Much of that has to do with the controversial ending, which found some audiences booing the screen in protest.

"It's all sort of par for the course with the horror genre in particular," Schneider said about the visceral reactions to "The Devil Inside" and its finale. "If the movie wasn't doing so well, nobody would pay attention to the fact that there's a lot of resentment or negative critical opinion. [...] Generating controversy as a way to stimulate more interest is a technique that's not like we're the ones inventing it when it comes to the horror genre." Translation: sorry, suckers!

Even if "The Devil Inside" takes a colossal fall next weekend -- it could drop some 70 percent based on word-of-mouth -- don't be surprised when part two rolls into theaters in the near future. You can see the controversial film in theaters now -- if your friends haven't scared you off already.

[via TheWrap]
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