Ever wanted to have girl time with Katherine Heigl? She tells you all her fears and worries and you say, "No, Kat," that's what you call her, "You're so pretty and perfect!" Well, now you can. Kind of.

Heigl has joined Denise Richards, Alanis Morissette and Ricki Lake (an interesting lineup) as iVillage's newest celebrity blogger. This all-star blogging team makes up the site's CelebVillage section, a forum for celebrities to share their insight and personal struggles for all the internet to see. (In other words: stars, they're just like us!) Each blogger writes four posts, which are published throughout the course of a month.

In 2009, the actress adopted a daughter and her first post is dedicated to trying to reconcile motherhood and working. (Sound like a movie she'd star in?)

"I asked myself what was wrong with me. How can I want to leave my child to go back to work? How can I miss all those important little moments with her to do nothing more significant then make a movie? I mean, at least if I were a renowned scientist working on solving world hunger I might have an excuse." (...OK?)

The actress went on a 'having it all' bender a la Carrie Bradshaw and explained that being a mommy isn't Heigl's only job -- she is an actress, too. "Then I pray to God that she will understand one day and that my example will encourage her to find and follow her bliss as well ... after I've paid for all the therapy, of course."

Judd Apatow, are you listening?

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