"Bridesmaids" fans aren't the only ones flipping out over the possibility of a Kristen Wiig-less sequel -- co-star Melissa McCarthy isn't so hot on the idea either. Last week, Universal said they were entertaining the possibility of doing 'Bridesmaids II,' sans Wiig. When McCarthy was asked about this over the weekend, she did not seem too happy about. "God, I wouldn't want to, I would never want to. I think it's a terrible idea," the actress told E!

"Bridesmaids," which turned into one of the most surprising box office successes of 2011, made instant stars out of SNL's Wiig -- who's been nominated for a Best Actress Golden Globe -- and McCarthy. While there aren't any concrete story lines for a sequel, one idea that was floated by Universal revolved around McCarthy's character. Good luck with that now, folks!

[via E!]
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