One of the most unlikeable performances of 2011? Try Rachel McAdams in "Midnight in Paris." On the short list of America's Sweethearts, McAdams played Owen Wilson's onscreen fiance with the equivalent of a lady-mustache -- one that she twirled with maliciousness. For Woody Allen, that was his intention all along.

"It would be much more interesting for you to play this kind of character," the writer/director told McAdams when he pitched her the role of Inez. "You don't want to go your whole life playing these beautiful girls. You want to play some bitchy parts. It's much more interesting for you."

Except for the interesting part? McAdams's role is one of the only demerits on "Midnight in Paris's" ledger, a one-note character that borders on misogyny; she feels like Judd Apatow's version of Katherine Heigl.

Not that it matters -- and not that McAdams hasn't played this type of role before, in "Mean Girls": "Midnight in Paris" was Allen's biggest financial success, and is poised to earn Academy Award nominations for Best Picture, Best Original Screenplay and perhaps even Best Director. For more on the making of the film -- including Allen's decision to cast Wilson in the lead role -- head over to The Hollywood Reporter.
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