2012-01-09-Devil_Inside_14251325788959di_78_410.jpgWhat kind of film is worthy of the sacrificial lamb slot that is the first release of January? What sort of slipshod storytelling does it take for audience members to start hurling epithets at the screen as the credits crawl? How disposable is the project when the host of a podcast devoted to genre film repeatedly gets the title wrong? Why, that would be The Devil Withi... 'scuse us... The Devil Inside, yet another attempt to recast horror through the blurry lens of the mockumentary.

Cinefantastique Online's Steve Biodrowski and Dan Persons ring in the New Year by exploring Devil's flawed theology, shallow characterizations, and ambiguous narrative gambits. And, with the help of input from theofantastique.com's John W. Morehead, they discuss whether the recent rebirth of the exorcism genre is an accurate reflection of these anxious times. What's revealed in discussion may surprise you -- maybe even more than the film itself.

Also: Steve gives his capsule thoughts on the alien-invasion-in-Moscow flick, The Darkest Hour, and Dan provides takes on The Adventures of Tintin and the imaginative fantasy short, A Goblin's Tale. Plus: What's coming in theaters.

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