Keeping in line with its hushed details and incomprehensible dialogue (you know who you are), "The Dark Knight Rises" pulled a fast one on fans when advanced showtimes went on sale Monday.

Odd, seeing as "The Dark Knight Rises" is still six months away from hitting theaters. But there they were: midnight showings in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York for July 19, the day before the release of the Christopher Nolan's third turn with the caped crusader.

The following day, the New York IMAX screening sold out. As in no more. Just to reiterate this -- the film is a half a year away from its release date. So, after you've gotten over the bad news that you will probably not be one of the first to see Christian Bale's final appearance as Batman, the question remains: why did they decided to offer an advance ticket sale?

And the answer is simple: probably because they can!

Here's how they knew for sure that it would work: the newest "Mission: Impossible," which held a few pre-release screenings in December, also screened the six-minute prologue for "The Dark Knight Rises." Some AMC theater managers polled the audience to get a sense of whether or not they would be interested in buying midnight tickets for the approaching "Batman". ("Um, yes?")

Get ready to camp out on theater sidewalk early this year. "The Dark Knight Rises" is in theaters on July 20.
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