Bueller? Bueller? Try political discrimination lawsuit. "Ferris Bueller" actor Ben Stein is suing ad agency Seiter & Miller, along with Kyocera Corp, for cutting ties with Stein due to his beliefs about global warming.

According to Deadline, the actor/spokesman -- most famous for playing Ferris Bueller's monotone economics teacher in "Ferris Bueller's Day Off," as well as hosting the former Comedy Central series "Win Ben Stein's Money" -- signed a $300,000 contract in January 2011 to appear in commercials for Kyocera printing products. Stein would also have to speak at a Kyocera company function. However, the deal soon went south.

The lawsuit states that in February 2011, Grace Yao, of Seiter & Miller, contacted Stein's agent, Marcia Hurwitz, informing her that there had been concerns raised over Stein's beliefs about global warming and if they were "sufficiently conventional and politically correct for Kyocera." (In the past, Stein has called man-made climate change into question.)

On February 16, the agency withdrew Stein's offer because of, "Ben's official positions on various policy issues that appear on the web of which we have only lately become aware."

The suit goes on to state that Kyocera instead hired a Ben Stein lookalike for the commercial. As for the real Stein -- who, in addition to his global warming claims, has also had harsh words for Barack Obama in the past -- he's looking to get the $300,000 that was promised to him in the original contract.

[via Deadline]
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