All actors look to establish a separation between the characters they play on screen and the people they are in real life. This is particularly important if you're a former MMA fighter portraying a covert agent in your first feature film.

In "Haywire," Gina Carano, the ex-mixed martial arts fighter, stars as Mallory Kane, an undercover agent who is double-crossed by the people she trusts. Obviously, it's going to be hard for anyone watching this to separate the Carano from MMA with the one fighting on-screen, which is why director Steven Soderbergh decided to make a few edits during post-production.

On a podcast with No Holds Barred, Gina revealed that Soderbergh digitally altered her voice in the movie.

"Steven Soderbergh wanted Mallory to be two completely different entities ... so he did do some altering and mixing," admitted Carano. However, she added that the change didn't matter to her. "I am just honored to be a part of it, whether it was altered or not ... Even if he would have shaved my head and put Bill Clinton as my voice, I still would have done it."

Despite the voice alteration, whether audiences buy the Mallory/Gina separation remains to be seen -- especially with all the fight scenes she's involved with (one of which, you can check out here).

"Haywire" hits theaters on January 20.

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