A leading scientist claims that the James Bond franchise has destroyed the public's image of nuclear power. (One too many martinis?)

David Phillips, president of the Royal Society of Chemistry, believes more than Chernobyl and Fukushima, the real reason people fear nuclear disasters is 1962's "Dr No." (To be fair, it does air on TV a lot.)

"It is not at all surprising that the public at home and abroad are skeptical," he said, going onto explain that nuclear power is necessary part future of energy. In a bizarre campaign-y way, he added, "Let's say yes to nuclear and no to 'Dr No's' nonsense."

Anti-nuclear campaigners, surprisingly, took issue with Phillips's theory. "Although James Bond is fiction, the truth is that nuclear power is dangerous, dirty and unsafe," Penny Kemp, spokesperson for the Green party said. "It is improbable to think that people's perceptions have been influenced solely by 'The World is Not Enough,' but this film came after the Chernobyl disaster so the film was merely picking up on a real fear people have of nuclear power. And rightly so."

That Bond film, from the Pierce Brosnan era, starred Denise Richards as a nuclear physicist named Dr. Christmas Jones. Because, of course.

[via The Guardian]
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