After a weekend that saw an exorcism movie make 34 times its initial budget, it's time for some bigger films to jump into the fray. If watching possessed mental patients isn't your thing (see: "The Devil Inside") there are plenty of flicks out there to satisfy your inner-smuggler, inner-child, or inner- ... uh, choir singer. Let's take a look at this weekend's slate of films in Moviefone's Weekend Movie Preview.


"Beauty and the Beast 3D"

What's the story: The Disney classic returns to theaters in three glorious dimensions. For the few uninitiated, the film tells the story of a young prince who turns away an enchantress seeking shelter. The woman ends up punishing the prince and turning him into an ugly beast. If he doesn't want to stay that way forever, he will have to find true love before it's too late. Enter Belle, the prince's savior.

Box office prediction: Last September, Disney reissued "The Lion King" in 3D, which ended up grossing $30 million on opening weekend. "Beauty and the Beast" wasn't near the box office draw "Lion King" was when both movies first opened ($9 million vs. $40 million), but "Beast" has developed a dedicated following in the years since. Look out for a sizable haul this holiday weekend. $25 million

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What's the story: Mark Wahlberg stars as Chris Farraday, a former smuggler who is forced to return to his criminal ways after his brother-in-law gets caught up with some unsavory characters (Giovanni Ribisi, as drug dealer Tim Briggs). However, when Farraday attempts to settle the debt of his wife's brother, his entire family (including actress Kate Beckinsale, as his better half) is at risk of becoming a target.

Box office prediction: Wahlberg is normally a big box office draw, especially when he's kicking the crap out of people, but there are some exceptions to the rule ("We Own the Night," to name one). Either way, "Contraband" has the rotten luck of having to deal with another action movie, "Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol," which features Tom Cruise scaling the tallest building in the world. $14 million

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"Joyful Noise"

What's the story: Queen Latifah is forced to take over her town's choir after the director passes away. The only problem? Dolly Parton, the director's widow, thinks she deserves the job instead. When the town tries to cut the choir from the budget, the two ladies join forces. There's singing, there's dancing, there's noise -- and it's joyful.

Box office prediction: Latifah and Parton aren't exactly box-office draws (at least not on a wide scale). This movie is likely geared toward the more religious crowds looking to inject a little faith into their cinema-going experience. Also, with the movie's pop song covers, the studio is probably hoping the "Glee" audience will catch on (although, considering how bad "Glee: The 3D Concert Movie" performed, they shouldn't hold their breath). $12 million

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For the hipster horror fan comes "Don't Go Into the Woods," directed by Vincent D'Onfrio. The movie follows a band that goes into the woods (the movie title told you not to!) to write new songs. Unfortunately, that probably never happens, as members of the group begin getting killed off one by one. For those looking for something even less cheery, there's the post-apocalyptic flick, "The Divide," which tells the story of a group of New York City neighbors who escape a nuclear attack by hiding out in their building's basement.
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