Apparently Twentieth Century Fox is pretty high on "Chronicle." The studio has director Josh Trank at the top of its list to reboot the comic book franchise, which was last seen onscreen in 2007.

Trank, who turns 27 on Feb. 19, makes his feature debut earlier that month with "Chronicle," a found-footage superhero movie that has seen its profile grow since its trailer debuted late in 2011.

That's good news for Trank. The "Fantastic Four" brand is a lucrative one for the studio; the first film and its sequel ("Rise of Silver Surfer") grossed $619 million worldwide in combined grosses. Because of that, Fox is expected to wait until "Chronicle" opens over Super Bowl weekend before extending an official offer to young lenser.

It's doubtful any of the original cast -- Chris Evans, Jessica Alba, Ioan Gruffudd and Michael Chiklis -- would return for the reboot.

[via Variety]
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