The acting prowess of the velvet-voiced Morgan Freeman has never been questioned. He has starred in countless lauded films, winning an Oscar, Golden Globe, the Cecil B. DeMille Award and, most recently, a People's Choice Award.

In the latest issue of The Hollywood Reporter, Freeman reflected on his oeuvre and came up with five of his career-defining roles. All the titles you'd expect are there -- "The Shawshank Redemption," "Driving Miss Daisy" -- yet there's one that stands out among the rest: "Bruce Almighty."

Yes, that one: the 2003 comedy, which imagines Freeman as a cool-cat God, bequeathing his powers to a disgruntled Jim Carrey. The film was a moneymaking hit, raking in over $242 million, but a far cry from one of Freeman's best.

The actor explains his reasoning to THR: "Well, you can't mess up playing a character you've never seen. I've never really met God face to face, so I was sorta making it up as I went along. Tom didn't give me much direction -- I gave him directions, and he allowed it! Working with Jimmy was a lot of fun. He is one hardworking actor. Very intelligent, very smart guy. He works his butt off. We really enjoyed each other."

Isn't that B-E-A-utiful?

[via THR]
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