And you thought you were busy! In addition to directing "The Hobbit" films, and apparently preparing another "Tintin" adventure, Jackson has a new documentary set to debut at Sundance on the now-freed West Memphis Three.

Fittingly titled "West of Memphis," Jackson co-produced the doc with partner Fran Walsh; it will debut on Jan. 20 at Sundance. Amy Berg ("Deliver Us From Evil") directed the film, which follows the three teens whose conviction for a brutal triple child murder in 1993 became a cause celebre among those who felt the teens had been railroaded. In the trailer, celebrity supporters Henry Rollins and Eddie Vedder, as well as some provocative statements from those involved in the case.

Damien Echols, the best-known of the West Memphis Three, also co-produced the film, which goes to Sundance with hopes of acquiring a theatrical distributor.

This is the second West Memphis Three film to unspool this year; Thursday night on HBO, "Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory" premiered to rave reviews. Head over to Huffington Post TV to read more about that film and the case from West Memphis Three member Jason Baldwin.
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