If 2011 was known as the year that Harvey Weinstein made his Oscar-season comeback with "The King's Speech," then consider 2012 the start of his next dynasty. The president of The Weinstein Company dominated the 69th annual Golden Globes ceremony on Sunday night and seems poised to rule the Academy Awards next month with similar ease. This despite not taking the stage once.

No fewer than five winners thanked Weinstein at the Globes: both Best Actresses, Michelle Williams and Meryl Streep; Best Actor in a Comedy Jean Dujardin ("The Artist's" French-speaking lead, who struggled through his English-language speech and still managed to thank Harvey); and Madonna herself. The Queen of Pop called Weinstein "The Punisher," a term that was later echoed by Meryl Streep during her acceptance speech.

In fact, the only one who didn't thank Harvey at the Golden Globes was Uggie, the Jack Russell terrier who stole his scenes in Best Comedy winner "The Artist." Not that this should surprise anyone; Weinstein's reach during this particular awards season touches even his competitors.

"No one loves movies more than you, Harvey, we know that," Sony chief executive Howard Stringer -- who has "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" and "The Ides of March" in the running for Academy Awards -- said at the AFI awards luncheon on Friday. "But I can obviously say, since the ballots for the Oscar nomination are due moments from now, I love 'The Artist.' Congratulations."

(Not only that, Harvey even managed to find time amid his awards-winning ways to write a blog for Moviefone.)

In total, The Weinstein Company won six Golden Globes, including Best Motion Picture Musical or Comedy -- something that sets the company and its boss up for an impressive awards-season run. Though what would you expect from a Hollywood deity?

"And Harvey Weinstein," Streep said while accepting her trophy for Best Actress. "God." Amen.
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